A gentleman’s emancipation

Macho, manly and masculine He doesn’t even know if he is so virile A simple application To end the stereotypical notion

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A Note From Me To You

You will not be surpassed For all the responsibilities that you have to carry from your past. You don’t want to rush things, I understand Just don’t wait too long, maybe you will miss your chance.


An eagerness to revive brought us to that night Where promises were kept, but the vows were broken A verdict was made but not a single word was spoken,


Ghastly must be those injuries to which you’ve succumbed Leaving us all so shocked and Numb. Another rainy misty day I’ll replay you to subsist For you’ve left with the reasons to be missed…

Taking Chances

It’s not about the fairy tales, castles and knight-in-shining-whatever It’s the vicissitudes, perplexity and their multiple lovers

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