A gentleman’s emancipation

Awake, and he follows

The whispers of the hour so hollow

Wide awake; he realize

The other emotion he subsides.

A feeling quite strong

Yet so hidden

It surely doesn’t belong

The tactility he never bid in.

From the young start

He was told to surpass

Liberate his expression

A quality he was never taught.

His other emotion is not to be cowed

Not him, but we decide

Deliver and divulge not allowed

And this is where we divide.

Beaten by circumstances

He had often requested help

But every time he asked

We told him not to quell.

Now caught up in this play of bigotry

Every time he steps up to disclose

And every fear he shows

We question his masculinity.

When world unites and fights

For the privileges of the Eve

This tranquil gentleman is still waiting

For his immunity to grieve.

Macho, manly and masculine

He doesn’t even know if he is so virile

He has other emotions,

Which hold higher regards and differ from

Unnecessary ‘world domination and higher calibration.’

He concerns the hypocritical deal

The world has to offer

When we require same verbalization to heal

Then why only he has to be tougher?

Give him the power

For his healthy emotions

A simple application

To end the stereotypical notion

A gentleman awaits,

For his emancipation.

© 2017 Malvika


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