Toxic Religiosity

Toxic Religiosity
A devotion


With a little bit of emotion

Surrounds the world

With the thoughts due for erosion.

Grinding down and washing away

Yet we supersede

To succeed

The toxic religiosity

And the poison of its mutuality.


We convince ourselves

Disarm and allure

And follow the commands

For a spurious fervor.

Suppressing the reformist notion

Cloaking over faith

Metamorphosing into baboons

For yet another wraith.

We strive

To survive

The toxic religiosity

And the venom of its mutuality.


Irrelevant and trivial

Orthodoxies and grandma’s tales

We have annexed profoundly

Not just to put the tolerants in veil.

A debase to see

The well-read and the analytical

Falling prey to the fictitious

Strategizing maneuvers so radical.

We disagree

To agree

The toxic religiosity

And the malignancy of its mutuality.


We agonize over pedantry

Debauch with zealotry

For the melody of an unidentified destiny.

Not catechizing for destruction

But a substantial deviation,

Less devotion,

Declined dedication,

With emotions appealing for ramification.

We need to refuse and rise

For the sake of humankind

Accept the toxic religiosity

And the corruption in the holy community.

© 2017 Malvika

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