A Promise to Betray

I see your longing desire for me

I see you’re hastening into me

I, your demise, won’t be unfair

If only you please give me a hear…

You have been bidding for my arrival

It’s not what I demand

It’s something I have no control over

And no I’m not just swinging in the past.

I give you pleasure, victory, a silent conquest

You guarantee yourself a relieving pain, you’ve never felt in depth.

Denying all the clueless faith talk

You ponder upon your existing wrangle

I purposely choose not to discuss

For you seem too far to handle.

Don’t be culpable; it’s not your fault

Your verve and vigor; you cherry-pick your halt.

Sore, wounded, injuring sense

Desolately accomplishing all of them

No farewell or hasta-la-vista

Awfully beyond your pretend.

You are calm; you know I will seize you within me

Unfolding a sail you’d eternally foreseen.

I perceive you

Your cuts, your scars, your gloomy appearance

I empathize in your dwindling forbearance

But I plea

That you’d let me return

As I comprehend, you are worthy of superior.

I am not your answer

Merely making you aware.

I won’t pry or wrench

I will only request

Give my nemesis a gamble

It has proven to be a blissful partner.

My friend, I deceive you here

Purely for you to conquer me after

It’s challenging and tiring

But I assure you, you’ll thank me later.

I don’t have much to say

I will visit if I am screamed again

Only, with a promise to betray.

©  Malvika


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