Flaunt Your Scars


Flaunt Your Scars


You hide them beneath you

Making it harder for everyone’s view

Fighting them every day

Hoping to find another way

We know the feeling

It isn’t easy

You tried piercing every bar

Yet you won’t proclaim your scars


Let your guard down

And lighten up the frown


Painful memory or a torn sentiment

Makes you a foreigner to the present

Escaping inquests in order to mend

Takes your power to comprehend

We know the feeling

It isn’t easy

You have auscultated ours

Yet you shy away from your scars


Let it hurt

It will take away the dirt


You set up a parameter to defense you in

Little do you know, it is biting you within

You do not want the limelight

So you avoid and flight

We know the feeling

It isn’t easy

You have counted every wishing star

Yet you’re cautious of your scars


Let there be prolonged dawn

The morning isn’t far long


Balking away from every possible encounter

You flinch with every knock that’s louder

The tunnel’s light isn’t hard to see

Staining your lorgnette, you desist to flee

We know the feeling

It isn’t easy

You have survived the war

Yet you defend your scars


Let’s ignite that pathos

It will clear away the chaos


The longer it gets, the harder it seems

With all the allegations you are not giving away your esteem

No matter how hard you try to keep it a secret

It will haunt you with all sorts of regret

We know the feeling

It isn’t easy

We have already accepted all your flaws

You don’t have to hide underneath your scars


Let’s come out from our confined spaces

It rehabilitates the scars from all unexpected places


You worry the consequences won’t be in your favour

And you’ll be tagged as vexatious raver

Trumpet won’t make you a wimp performer

It will provide a much-needed succour

We know the feeling

Hence, we’re here to make it easy

We assure you that it is not superfluous

In the end, it is only the scars that make us.


© 2017 Malvika

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