So much to grow from

So much to grow from

Going through the time 

Thinking about the journey 

I have travelled in the past

Simple, mellow and decent ride

A few stain marks 

But I still have my pride

A quiet pace

In my life so short

Time to leave behind

Cause I have grown out 

Neither can I forget

Nor regret

Cause every moment was dealt at its best

Learned from the failure

Survived all the separations 

But still a heartbreak is yet to have its sedation

Dejected faith

I have held in doubt

Time to let it out 

Cause I have grown out

Things are clear

A goal has been set

Making it happen, is what I fret

Enormous crowd 

In an insufficient phase

Few were delightful 

Many were immoral

Silent rage

I have secretly lied about

Time to let it out 

Cause I have grown out

Cautious was my mind

Indecisive was its kind

Gave in hastiness

Fell in impatience

Despite stood firmly

Kept mind over matter clearly

Concealed fear 

I deceptively shout 

Time to let it out

Cause I have grown out

What ifs and could haves never leave my sight 

Maybe it’s a wishful thinking

Every day I recite

Feels like I’m old

But the story is yet to be told

The letter that I hide

The fear that I fight

The fury which still fumes somewhere inside

All these things are not leaving soon

But are here to stay a little longer

This is when I realize

I have so much to grow from.

©  Malvika


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