All I know

Is that coffee store

Blonde tresses and the grey you wore

Every day we cross paths

Walk on the same grass

Yet, play strangers who never surpass.

Months ago I caught you stealing glances

But I am afraid to make any advances

For all I know,

Is I couldn’t yet claim

Because I know nothing but a simple name.

Just so you know

I have a place for you

Too anxious to show it

But I secretly wish that you know it

I realize I’m not giving you any chances much

Neither do I want to play games like such

For all I know,

Is that you looked back when you weren’t supposed to

And I forgot to respond back when I was supposed to.

Twice in every seven days

I wish you’d make me stay

Make time for just the two of us together

Because I really want to know you better.

I know I am not making myself approachable

Neither am I indulging in any conversation

For all I know,

You could be one of those adorable

Who would not hesitate to depart after a short duration.

It seems really hard

To make the initial start

But I can assure you

We will definitely be in touch after that

Sometimes I get a rush of feelings

To give you a hint or sign

But then I hold back

As I am too scared to be wrapped up in the twine

I understand this all could be just an illusion or a dream

It’s too soon to take a decision

But still I refuse to ignore

For all I know,

All those numerous, momentary and repeated glares

Sure has a reason.

It sure is an astonishing miracle

A fondness I had never thought would happen

You don’t even fall under one of my kind

Yet you’ve managed to make me forget the things I left behind

Confusing as it is

To make moves or go with the pace

For all I know,

This time I cannot hanger-on

But  want to get caught

In this chase.

©  Malvika


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