• A day in a life of a Woman…

She starts her day with a furtive emotion

An effortless smile and a love unconditional

She laughs up on her sleeve and has few dreams

And a small question “What about me?”

A simple question she asks herself

Not expecting an answer but someone to help

Walk through the day with the same old cope

But somewhere in the middle she gains that hope

Laugh through the jokes and smiles through the tears

But nobody knows she is concealing her fears

In amidst of the day when we see her free

She asks herself “What about me?”

Depressed daughter,

Dissatisfied sister,

Drained wife,

Deserted lover and

A discarded mother

Still she manages to keep everything altogether

She looks at everyone into their eyes

Take a deep breath and uncover the lies

They know the answer, she believes

So she asks them often “What about me?”

She can easily have her way and can make her dreams come true

But then she sees smiling faces very few

So she keeps a low voice

And makes a choice

Not realising what has gone away

But then she has to repeat it every day

Towards the evening when she sits for tea

She asks herself “What about me?”

Flicks and rollers distract her

She thinks about the girl she wishes she were

She works through her brain and thinks through her heart

Still she has persons who are far apart

She misses them too

But misses the old her more.

The bathroom cries, the two ‘o’ clock whines

She wipes them away and accepts her life

But at the end of the day

Nobody has the answers she disagrees

To the same old question

“What about me? What about me? What about me?”

“And the next day begins with the same old thought, same old feel and a hope which is hard to find,

But this time with a stronger mind!”
© Malvika


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