The Right Fight

Standing up for your rights

Fighting for the crime

Shouting for equality

And coming out from hide


Your vertical smile wants to have a good laugh

But I think you’re manipulating the lines of your graph.

Wear what you want

Marry whom you want

Go where you want

And live how you want


Your velvet purse demands not to be judged

But I think you’re juggling for too much.

“I am a Man” or “Fairer Sex”

Doesn’t have much of a difference, when you fight for your substance

You want to rise above all boundaries

By ignoring the line between fairness and mercenary


Your whispering eye wants to gaze into the future

But how the rope is going to be equal, when both the sides pull against each other?

When they ask for the same thing

You demand their silence

When they are right, they still stay discreet

Because they are thrown away by your lady card, which they cannot beat


I see your rosebud aspire to beget cognizance

But it’s all becoming an imprudent revenge.

Some of them need to be guided

Some of them need to be punished

But most of them don’t need to be dominated

Especially when you’re asking for the supremacy’s receding


I know your lion’s den wants to come out from Stone Age

But it is creating an unsolicited rage.

Your prospects, democracy and peaceful nights

You can be the fighter for your rights

But not every gent is the culprit

Please don’t be in the herd, wanting to castigate every one of their kinds


Your dragon’s lair want to growl

But don’t eat everyone else away, to achieve your growth.

I belong to you, I feel same like you

I want to be free like a bird

Also, want to be heard

And definitely don’t just want to just remain a cuss word


My castle also wants to have voile draperies

But I want to fight right and not be among one of the many.

© 2015 Malvika


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