Sneaking away from the house

Playing with the doll

Running aimlessly in the garden

Shouting and laughing in the hall

It seems like just yesterday when I used to compare my life to a princess’

Wait for the fairies to come and do the happy ending

I used to believe in miracles

And behave like an heiress

Never thought I would change

Either for good or bad

Never wished to grow up

And lose the girl, I thought I had

Dancing with the emotion

Going with the flow

Filling out the slam books

Silly secrets and promises were at the go

A flunk at a test was considerable

But a nail and heart break was unbearable

That time was interestingly strange

Beautifully different

And sweetly naughty!

Hormones were high, responsibilities were low

Wicked was my mind dealing with the pubescent stress

And the only worry I had was

“Will that cute guy answer me ‘YES’?”

I wonder how and when that time has passed

Things have changed

People have gone so far

And life has become so serious that I can’t even think where to start?

Giggle and snigger don’t enliven me now

Sound of the swings

And whisper of a rumour

Don’t cheer me now

Stepping in the factual world with a dream inside

Ready to face with a hope to survive

Yes, I am scared to challenge and afraid to lose

But at the same time, I feel strong enough to make any move

A period of revolution has started

Without me having a say

I think it’s happening too soon

Why can’t it just wait?

It’s a hard decision

And I have no time but little

I need to make up my mind

Because I don’t want to stuck in the middle

The girl has lived her life

And is ready to leave

Because a strong woman

Is calling out from beneath

Farewell to the girl with no sigh and mourn

And celebrations of a woman who has just now born

They say I’m acting too fast

And should wait for an omen

But strangely at this time,

This girl is ready to be a woman…!!

                                                                                                                      ©  Malvika


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