Dear diary,

Gratified I am

For your undying calm

Abiding by my side

Knowing only in you I reside

Not anymore

Because I’m letting all go

A broken heart,

Dwindling in the past

Indecisive fret

And a fearless threat

Are all in new motion

Taking a renovation

Back then I thought I couldn’t ask for more

Superlative, Paramount and Finest life

But then I realized bigger dreams of mine

It’s alright if things are just okay

It’s more than enough to survive

Making it hard

Was the redundant path

Now it’s one less reason to frown

Because I’m cutting all down

Shredding my baggage to the ocean

And making a renovation

Holding on, making it stay

This all seems so yesterday

A long run, a hesitant upcoming

Is giving me meaning

As it surpasses

Clinging to bygones, making a world of your own

Tested my strength to the core

But not anymore

Giving it a vacation

And making a renovation

Hasty revolution and an effortless adjustment

Making apprehensions in my way

I hope it’s not here to descent

Because I’m pretty sure I’m not just running away

I don’t want to analyze any further

Deeper the question, deeper to recover

It’s not for me to decide

Let time notify

Whether it’s truly a renovating emotion

Or just another flow of sensation.

©  Malvika


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